Jacob O‚ÄôReilly Wants A Pet by Lynne Rickards

It’s a familiar scenario (aren’t all the best books?) – Jacob wants a pet. He’s not too particular; anything that his parents will allow will do. His parents aren’t keen on the idea, and hit on a compromise – Jacob can run a pet-sitting business! The very first week, Jacob is simply overrun with customers, and that’s when things get really crazy. In the end, Jacob realizes that pets are a lot of work. The solution he comes up with will leave you giggling.

Jacob O’Reilly Wants A Pet is a fun book to read. The first half is Jacob begging his parents for a pet – you can really dramatize the pleading. My kids found it really funny to hear Mama using her “whiny voice”. The second half is pure silliness as Jacob scrambles to keep up with all the pets he’s responsible for.

The illustrations are colorful and cartoonish, a good match to the text.

The best thing I can say about this book? It’s one my kids have asked for repeatedly, because it’s “really funny”. And really, isn’t that a pretty good recommendation in itself?

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Jacob O’Reilly Wants a Pet by Lynne Rickards, illustrated by Lee Wildish. Barron’s, 2009.