No Place Like Earth (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) by Susan Amerikaner

No Place Like Earth isn’t a wonderful book, but if you have a kid who’s crazy about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it might fit the bill for you. The Club members are celebrating Earth Day by listening to Professor Von Drake give a lecture. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Apparently the Club members don’t think so either, because the poor Professor can’t get a single sentence out without being interrupted!

The result is a book that feels somewhat frenzied, and can be rather taxing to read out loud, but it does give a pretty close feel to the TV show your kids probably know. The artwork is done in very recognizable Disney graphics, too.

The message of the book itself is very light on Earth Day itself, focusing mostly on ways to conserve resources. Some kids will be able to do on their own, like turning off the water when they brush their teeth and turning off lights when they leave a room, but many of them are really a grownup’s responsibility – walk rather than drive, use reusable shopping bags, and the like.

In short, if you need the Mickey Mouse “hook” to get your kid to listen to a story about conservation, this will do it, but there are many better books out there.

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No Place Like Earth, by Susan Amerikaner, illustrated by Loter, Inc. Disney Press, 2009.