While Angels Watch by Marni McGee

Long ago, the angels had work to do in this world, choosing the colors of the dawn and showing spiders how to spin. Where are they now? Where did they go? Then one by one the animals recount times when they think they’ve seen an angel working in secret. One tells of angels’ light announcing a newborn baby’s birth, another spotted angels playing with the fox and deer. In the end, the Cat testifies the angels watch over children as they sleep and play.

While Angels Watch is a touchingly sweet book, almost overly so. The artwork emphasizes this, right down to the sparkly silver inlay used to illustrate the angels’ light on each page. The overall effect is warm and cozy and reassuring, making it a good choice for bedtime.

Obviously, you have to be comfortable with reading to your children about guardian angels, and this is where I stumbled with this book. It just doesn’t quite line up with my personal theology, and so we put it back on the shelf. If that part works for you, though, While Angels Watch is a lovely read.

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While Angels Watch by Marni McGee, illustrated by Tina Macnaughton. Good Books, 2006.