The good news is, there are millions of children’s books available today, and more being published every day. The bad news is, how do you know which ones you want to read? For me, the problem is at it’s worst when we visit the library – with three small kids heading three different directions, leaving behind them an embarrassing trail of discarded books, I just can’t do more than glance at a book’s cover to decide if we should take it home. Naturally, I make a lot of bad calls.

Read Me A Story Book Reviews aims to make some sense out of the chaos for you. Here you will find scores of book reviews, written from one parent to another, so you can make your choices in the (relative) quiet of your own home. By eliminating the grab-and-go system of choosing titles, I hope you’ll end up with a bagful of really great books to share with your own kids.

For an even smoother library visit, may I recommend you try out your library’s online request system? The books you want will be ready and waiting for you when you get there, which means less frenzy for you (and less mess for the librarians to clean up!). Ask at the front desk if you haven’t tried it before.


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