“My Book Buddy Bags” from Links to Literacy

Here’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas.

My Book Buddy Bags are reusable bags made from 50% recyclable polyester filled with a fiction and informational paired book (book buddies!), an age appropriate hands-on literacy activity and/or craft, and a resource booklet of literacy activities that can be completed at home.

To begin with, the idea of a matched set — a fiction book, a nonfiction book, a craft idea, and a literacy booklet — is nice.

I also uncovered a blog post from the creator, Dawn Little, describing the Book Buddy Bags a little more in detail, and providing a couple of examples of the activity included.

Book Buddies: Pairing Fiction and Informational Texts to MotivateĀ Readers

Overall, interesting enough, but so far I’m not compelled to pull out Ye Olde Visa. Take a moment and look a little deeper, though.

These bags can be completely customized. You can select the age-range of the child, and you can choose the subject matter as well (you’re not limited to the two shown). Better yet, once you’ve purchased a bag, you can request a “refill” (at, one presumes, a reduced price).

Now I’m beginning to think there’s some value here. I’m thinking of those phases when a child fixates on a particular topic — baseball, horses, trains. I’m also thinking of the well-meaning but not-really-in-touch gift-givers — the friends and family who want to give “a little something” but don’t really know what the child might like or already have. A Book Buddy Bag could neatly fill the juncture between the two. A lovely extension of the gift idea would be for the giving adult to offer to read the books with the child and do the activities (quality time!).

Do you see another use for the Book Buddy Bags? When else might they be useful?


One Response to ““My Book Buddy Bags” from Links to Literacy”

  1. Links to Literacy Says:

    Thank you so much for the kind words about My Book Buddy Bag! And yes, the refills are sold at a reduced price. They are great for home school children who may work on a theme basis or for traveling with children (think building background knowledge). The bag is reusable so it easily becomes your child’s bag to pick up books at the library! I love your idea of a well-meaning adult giving them as a gift and then reading the books with the child as well!

    Thanks again!!


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