Chapter Two: In Which I Learn Something

You may have noticed that the book reviews have been rather scarce around here lately. Somehow, the books we’ve been getting from the library just haven’t been sparking the gotta-share-this-one feeling in me.

On another note, we’ve been mad busy lately, and since my book-crazy kid has learned to read and doesn’t demand 17 books a day any more… well, I just haven’t been reading much to them lately.

However, this week we really sank our teeth into the library’s summer reading program, and last night my husband and I sat down to actually read to the kids.

(Side note: that’s a fun tip for you. We read different books simultaneously, and the kids move back and forth between us as they are interested. Helps them manage the wiggles, and offers them more than one “channel” so they don’t get bored so fast.)

So today, I’ve got this great big stack of can’t-wait-to-blog-about-this-one books on my table. Now, do you think we just got super lucky with our choice of books this week? No! Children’s books are meant to be shared – to be read aloud! They’re SO much more entertaining to me when I have a kid to read them to. I can only imagine how much more interesting a read-aloud book is to even my reader-kid.

How exactly did I not realize this before? Anyway, there will be lots more reviews coming soon!


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