Reading Warriors 2010 Challenge

If you have kids of an age to enjoy the Warriors series by Erin Hunter (at least 8 years old), this reading challenge looks to be fantastic. For a wonder, completing the challenge is more interesting than the prize!

Reading Warriors Challenge

If you’re not familiar with the Warriors, a fantasy series starring feral cats, let me suggest you check out the Wikipedia page.

The most common theme in the series is forbidden love. Another theme featured in the novel is the reactions of different faiths when meeting each other, which was inspired by the events of the September 11, 2001 attacks. To show this, the Tribe of Rushing Water was introduced in Moonrise. In an author chat, Holmes explained that the books never say that the Clans or the Tribe of Rushing Water are right about faith, because both are “equally valid.” This leads to fear and suspicion between them because they are afraid of things they do not understand. Holmes said that “ignorance is a very scary thing!” Non-belief is also featured in the storyline. Another theme shown in the books shows how characters can be a mix of good and evil. Holmes has said she is fascinated by these “shades of gray” in personalities. Her example of this was when Bluestar, a “lovely” cat, gave up her kits for her own ambitions. A third major theme, often referred to as nature versus nurture, relates to whether a person is born the way he or she will be, or if other things shape that, as in the example of Brambleclaw. This theme ties into the “shades of gray” theme. Other themes that have been pointed out include family, loss, honor, bravery and death, loyalty, and following rules.


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