I Can Help by David Hyde Costello

I Can Help is a simple tale. It starts with a baby duckling who gets lost in the tall grass. The monkey, from his tree high above, offers to help. In turn, the monkey has a problem and is helped out by a giraffe…. and so on until it comes back around to the baby duck again. The message is simple enough for young kids – if we offer help to others, help will be given to us when we need it. Ok, enough said

The fun part of this book is the *way* it’s delivered. The illustrations are clear and bright, simple but not cartoonish. The text is even better. It’s very few words, but lots of opportunity for you to dramatize. “Uh oh, I’m falling” becomes “Uh oh! I’m faaa.a.a.al.l.l.l.l.ing!”, for example. The animals -an African savanna collection – are fun, as well. Just how do you *do* a voice for a giraffe, anyway? There’s plenty of predictable repetition, too, so the kids can join in with you. It’s a quick read, but a fun one.

Available on Amazon

I Can Help by David Hyde Costello. Farrar Straus Giroux 2010.


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