The Mother’s Day Mice by Eve Bunting

Three little mice creep out early Mother’s Day morning to pick their gifts for their Mother. Along the way, they brave many dangers from animals that would like to eat little mice. Biggest Mouse and Middle Mouse find their gifts with no trouble, but the gift that Little Mouse has chosen is guarded by a big, black cat who just won’t go away! He’ll have to think of another plan…

The Mother’s Day Mice is a lovely tale that illustrates for kids that gifts don’t always need to be something wrapped up with a bow. I’ve read many books on the holiday recently, and many of them *try* to get that message across, but this book is one of the most tastefully done.

The artwork is done by the prolific Jan Brett, and is prettily done. It is somewhat sophisticated art, or at least more adult than many children’s books. A preschooler may enjoy lingering on a page to absorb it, but I found it was a little too advanced for my toddler. Still, it was pleasant to *my* eyes.

My favorite part? Middle Mouse picks a dandelion fluff ball, calling it a “Wish Flower”. A bit of whimsy that I enjoyed, and I think it’ll linger with my kids, as well.

Well worth reading.

Available on Amazon

The Mother’s Day Mice by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Jan Brett. Clarion Books, 1986.


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