Reading to Wiggle Worms

I love the suggestions offered over on PBS Booklights on how to read to a kid who won’t sit still. Unusually, it offers suggestions on how to improve reading success for kids who are old enough to read to themselves, too. Good stuff.

The idea of your children sitting quietly on your lap (or next to you) is one of the things we love about reading with our kids. The chance to cuddle makes it fun for us, and it is easier to do, too. But what about those of us with always-busy kids? How are we supposed to read with them when they won’t sit still?

When your child is a toddler, you expect lots of wandering about. But what happens when they get to school? All of a sudden, that energy can become an issue. In the classroom, high levels of activity don’t always work, but that doesn’t mean your child’s need for activity goes away.

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