Me Baby, You Baby by Ashley Wolff

Me Baby, You Baby is a charming book for a child at that age where they’re just starting to understand words spoken to them. It’s not so much a story as page after page of moments in a baby’s day. It starts with getting dressed in the morning, moves through a trip to the zoo to see the animals, and wraps up with a bedtime routine. Each page has a simple little rhyme describing what’s happening in the picture. The rhymes are gently paced, making this a good book for a quiet time.

The illustrations are nicely done, if slightly romanticized. I appreciated the fact that there are two families shown, one Caucasian, one African American (and the moms are obviously friends). It might bother some readers that the moms are obviously the stay-at-home variety, and the daddies only appear to tuck the baby in to bed at night.

Overall, a sweet book to share, but unlikely to be a child’s favorite.

Available on Amazon

Me Baby, You Baby by Ashley Wolff. Dutton Children’s Books, 2004.


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