“One Book, One Twitter”

I don’t Tweet, but I might give it a try for this.

A new project called “One Book, One Twitter” aims to have the world read a book together and discuss it online, exciting librarians and perhaps enticing hesitant readers to pick up a book.

Jeff Howe, the mind behind the crowdsourcing phenomenon, has turned his attention to reading. Howe’s latest endeavor, “One Book, One Twitter,” is a book club for everyone, powered by the Internet. Participants are invited to tweet their thoughts on the yet-to-be-determined title, a concept that has librarians excited, according to Lauren Barack of School Library Journal.

Seems kind of like a reader’s journal – where you write down thoughts, questions, a-ha! moments as you read – but with an interactive twist. Naturally, I’ve got a dozen “how will it work?” questions – most notably, what about people reading at different speeds? – but it sounds like a fun experiment.

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