Dora Celebrates Earth Day by Emily Sollinger

I wish we could wind up this series on Earth Day books with a bang, with a really amazing book, but the fact is I gave you all the good titles early so you wouldn’t miss them. Dora Celebrates Earth Day isn’t *bad*, it’s just not particularly *good*.

Essentially, Dora goes around her neighborhood and asks her friends what they do to help the environment. Most are simple things, well within the grasp of a preschooler (though I still don’t know why “playing outdoors” saves energy?) There’s no guilt trip involved, no making the children responsible for the state of the planet, just small things they can do to help, which I appreciate.

Overall, it’s a book aimed at your average Dora-obsessed child. If you have one of those, this book will go over well. If your child is more neutral toward the character, there are more interesting books available.

Available on Amazon

Dora Celebrates Earth Day by Emily Sollinger, ill. by Dave Aikins. Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon, 2009.


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