Introducing an Earth Day series

Up next will be a series of posts on the best books I’ve found on the subject of Earth Day. Now, fair warning, Earth Day is not one of my favorite holidays. Although it had it’s official birth in 1970, it wasn’t celebrated or even much discussed when I was a kid, and it’s always held a slight feel of a manufactured holiday to me. Still, it *is* a part of our kids’ worlds, so it’s only right that we should be part of helping them understand it.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year. Begun in 1970 as a “teach-in” to help make people aware of environmental issues, today it is often a focus for encouraging environmentally-aware behaviors such as energy conservation and recycling. I’ve seen many children’s organizations promoting the idea of celebrating the holiday by doing “something” for the planet – perhaps cleaning up a streambed, planting a tree, or collecting the family’s recyclables. Occasionally Earth Day is expanded to a week-long observance, I can only presume in order to give more people the opportunity to participate.

For the next week (okay, 8 days) I’ll be providing reviews of a number of books on Earth Day. Hopefully they’ll provide you with some wonderful books for you to share with your kids.


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