New Reading Apps for iPad

Looks to be a lot of new applications for the iPad aimed at children’s books, and there are some interesting ideas.

A Story Before Bed lets parents record themselves reading on video. Sounds like a wonderful idea for parents that aren’t home at bedtime.

PBS Kids is launching SUPER WHY! interactive literacy games.

The International Childrens’ Digital Library will be offering more than 4,000 titles free through the iTunes store. No plans for an iPad? ICDL has full-text books available for you here. Have an iPhone instead? There’s an app for you, too, here.

With the iPad starting at $499, it’s an expensive item to be considered a child’s toy, but if you’re willing to let your kids borrow yours for a while, it looks like there are going to be a number of worthwhile things for them to try out.

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One Response to “New Reading Apps for iPad”

  1. readmeastoryreviews Says:

    Thoughts of entertaining children on a plane suddenly jump to mind. All the stories to keep little ones engaged, but none of the bulk added to the carry on.

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